Your personal guide to a better version of yourself.

Ashley King is helping hundreds of women #GetFitWithAshley by combining 15 years of fitness and nutrition experience with intensive training methods designed to deliver results.


A part of what makes Ashley so effective at helping people get fit and feel great about their lives is that she has experienced the struggle that most people face. 

Ashley’s road to a healthy lifestyle has been paved with powerful life lessons. Life lessons that had torn her down, then pushed her to become a better version of herself. Struggling with drinking in her early 20’s, Ashley went through incredibly difficult times for years on end.

Rather than simply accepting defeat, Ashley rose to the challenge to turn her life around. She saw sobriety as the only way out. Living a clean, healthy lifestyle was her light at the end of the tunnel! 

This critical moment in Ashley’s life has become the foundation for her very life’s purpose. It was that single transformation that fuels her everyday and let her actualize her true self. 

In seeing the radical impact fitness and nutrition played in turning her life around, Ashley has now become obsessed with helping others make the transformation in their lives to living in their full potential! 

Today, Ashley King dedicates her time to offering her fitness and training expertise to help women #GetFitWithAshley! 

Ashley sees #GetFitWithAshley as much more than simply looking great. Looking great on the outside is just one part of the equation to living a great life. Getting fit lets you feel like the ideal version of yourself, and that inner sense of self-love and confidence carries throughout every aspect of your life!

Getting fit in mind and body is what helped Ashley make a massive transformation in her life, and that is the driving force behind every product and service she offers.

Ashley offers her monthly Virtual Fitness program as a means of offering you the same transformative experience that made Ashley into who she is today. Using sophisticated training methods, Ashley is ready to equip you with the tools you need to see results and become the best you!

Let’s get started!