Meet Ashley King

With 15 years of fitness and nutrition experience, Ashley has helped transform the lives for hundreds of her clients, helping them reach their own personal fitness goals, through her comprehensive virtual fitness and nutrition program.

But things weren’t always this way. What many people don’t know is that Ashley struggled in her early 20’s with drinking, and went through very difficult times in her life, for several years. It wasn’t the brightest spot in her life. After getting sober Ashley chose to improve in every aspect of her life, including health, fitness, nutrition and wellness. Ashley quickly fell in love with fitness which became a positive obsession that replaced her struggles in the past. Fitness has provided such a huge impact in Ashley’s life, that she now dedicates her career sharing her passion with others. Her goal is to empower women to take control in their own lives from a nutrition and fitness standpoint.

She operates her rapidly growing Virtual Elite Fitness Program for women all over the country, and world. Her program incorporates the ultimate balance of nutrition, including customized and practical meal plans. The Virtual Elite Fitness Program is her “secret method” to a lean and sculpted physique, in just a 30 minute workout. In just 6 weeks with Ashley’s program, you can expect to strip body fat, tone your entire body, and achieve what every women wants…. RESULTS!

Today Ashley is a personal trainer and fitness model with The Naturally Fit Agency in Austin, TX. Outside of her passion for fitness and nutrition, Ashley enjoys spending time with her friends and family, including her three boys. She also enjoys volunteering locally for various charitable organizations.

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